On the Street. At the Airport of Helsinki-Vantaa.

Street Style at the Airport of Helsinki-Vantaa.

Sorry for the delay of coming back from the summer break. It is time to have a look inside the summer sketchbook. I have to admit that the result is lean. On holiday I had a garden to look after. It took all my attention. I love plants and the variety of species wowed me totally.

On the way to holiday spot we needed to take a plane. That means a visit to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Did you know that birds are singing in the toilets there? Well, they do.

Standing in the queue to the airplane, behind me stood this narrow lady constantly gazing her telephone. So I had a chance to look at her secretly. Kind of impressive dark blue and white combo in all her longitude.


On the Street. Yellow as Sunshine, Stocca, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Yellow as Sunshine, Stocca, Helsinki.

As you see from the outfit of this young lady, we have had quite a chilly summer so far in Helsinki. Word ”summer” gives us Finns good vibes. Mind is remembering the warm lovely days when everybody forgets the meaning of a pair of socks. Living near North Pole means that things can appear differently in reality. I have been going in same anorak parka that I use in May.

I saw this girl in the queue of the bookstore few pencils in one hand and queue number in the other. She had the sunshine in her anorak that lacks from the sky. I liked the primary color combination in her outfit and the idea of mixing two different plaid patterns.

What next? Warmer days to Finland, I hope. So that the kids of summer 2017 can get their feeling of never-ending wonderful summer days.

For my part, I will head to summer holiday of 100 % security of sunshine. Therefor, Flash For Zonzon takes a summer break as well. Next post will be online about August 10th or so. I did get my supplies from bookstore, new sketch books size A4 and A3. Plan is to take it super easy and draw whatever interesting I see.

You too, have a nice relaxing Summer Holiday, My Friend!


On the Street. Summer Boy, Teurastamo, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Summer Boy at Teurastamo.

Teurastamo is a nice area in Helsinki Kalasatama (also metro station name) filled with urban city culture, street food, bars and many happenings. Teurastamo means butcher and the area has formerly – from year 1933 – served as department of slaughterhouses.

From year 2012 the area has offered a hang around place for the citizens. In summertime there is free happenings with live music. It is a real summer living room and backyard. There is a possibility to grill your own food, repair a bike and sauna for rent. Just to mention few things.

This little fellow was seen in a starter happening of summer season. Hanging with his parents around the barrels. A true summer boy with his wild curly hair and bright colored clothes. It starts to feel like summer, right!

* * *
Teurastamo website is in Finnish only, but anyway worth a visit, to get a feeling of the area.


On the Street. Green Flow, Espa, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Green Flow though Green Lenses.

Green days are here again. By this I mean Nature. The big thing is the tidal wave of green tones that suddenly burst from ground and tree branches. It is fascinating and brings pure joy. The trend colour of the season is light green of all the new growth.

This lady seems to enjoy to the fullest the green trend, looking the world through green round lenses. By the way, right now this Little My -inspired hairdo seems to be quite popular among young women on the streets of Helsinki.


On the Street. Pencil Skirt and Ballerinas, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pencil Skirt and Ballerinas.

After weird spring weather it seems that the temporary snowfalls and the coldest spring season in sixty years is gone and we can finally move towards warmer days. It also appears in the Helsinki street view.

I like the sixties tone in this lady’s outfit. The girlish ballerinas combined in traditional pencil skirt and A-lined short coat. Handbag elegantly tone in tone. Finish with grey gloves. I start to think the women of Jean-Luc Godard’s films. Une femme est une femme. A woman is a woman.


On the Street. Winter Bye-Bye, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Cold April Days.

This is the feeling. Winter bye-bye. Would you please go on your way to somewhere else than Helsinki? It has been cold days recently. So cold that I read on the news that even the migratory birds rather turn back from Finland’s border. Too cold, let’s wait for a while, they seem to think. Right now it is even snowing. Sigh.

This fragile lady in black outfit felt like a relative to the character from Ghibli anime Spirited Away, Faceless. Dressed in black, slightly sad face. Google it if you don’t know it. Fits good in the mood of cold April in Helsinki this year.


On the Street. Strolling Own Path, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pink Scarf.

Oh, I love these people. People who doesn’t give a shit what is in fashion or considered stylish at the moment. The patterned flared jeans, 80’s style leather jacket, pink rolled and knitted scarf on the neck. Tall skinny guy eyes alert to watch what is happening around.

At the moment there was an art happening going on in Kamppi shopping center. Katja Tukiainen is the artist that uses a lot of pink color. She was mastering a community art happening going on at that moment. Any passerby could take part in the big scale painting. The colour available was all shades of pink, light pink, pink pink, reddish pink, almost red.

I wonder if the guy illustrated here was going to take part in the painting session. I was already on the way forward.

Here is the link if you are interested  to know more about Katja Tukiainen Art.
Includes a lot of undisciplined Girl Power.


On the Street. Like a Graphic Designer, Hotel Clarion, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Like a Graphic Designer.

Few weeks ago I attended a graphic design day Vuoden Huiput Festival in Hotel Clarion, Helsinki. Vuoden Huiput is the competition of the best graphic design of the year in Finland. You may believe that when a bunch of creative people gather together, there is definitely some common feature that points out in the sense of style.

Few years ago the it-thing among graphic designers was massive black square glasses. But now the eyewear seems to be more brownish and roundish. Instead the biggest common trend among young male graphic designers in Helsinki right now is the tiny black beanie.

The beanie sits tight in the head both indoors and outdoors. I counted six guys wearing black beanies. The rest of this illustrated gentleman above is a combination of the target group "black beanie guys". Beards, plaid shirts, black pants, shy posture. Maybe the warm beanie gives a feeling of shelter in the wild world of our times.


On the Street. Turban Hat Revival, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki.Turban Hat Revival.

My steps walked a block amount the same journey with this lady. Interesting combination with the somewhat military style cape and turban hat. All accessories colored to match together perfectly. Saved to mind and drawn later. Check.

There has been a revival of turban hats already a few years. When I was kid it was only senior ladies who used turbans. The ones were made of panther pattern or red vine color tone velvet's. Many times combined with extra amount of black eye liner, emerald green eye shadow and lipstick. In my teen age years I thought that when I am old I start to use turban too.

But as mentioned, why wait old age! Turban hats has truly made it’s way back to women’s heads in all age groups. At least in Helsinki. There is cotton options for summer and merino wool for winter. Not to mention the fact that the turban is perfect accessory for bad hair day.

Where to get your own turban hat?

Herné products in Weecos >
I have bounced in to pretty new Finnish label Herné. It is available in Weecos webshop. It is a label of Heli Väätäinen and based on ecological and ethical values. All her products are hand made in Helsinki.

Ainamuoti Hatshop from Tampere Finland >
Another option found from Internet is Ainamuoti (in English Alwaysinfashion) Hat shop from Tampere Finland. They seem to have pretty decent selection of turbans. Even made of merino wool. If you prefer click your way to English version of the shop on the site.

If you are not familiar with Weecos, sustainable marketplace – it is the best place to find ecological products from Finland. It gathers responsible companies under one platform and gives consumers easy opportunity to make better choices in terms of sustainability. There is a wide variety of products for home, men, women, kids, bags and purses, accessories, jewelry, shoes, beauty and cosmetic products.

Go ahead and make visit to Weecos >

* * *
I’m sharing these tips for pure joy. It is the concept of finnhits in this blog. There is no collaboration with the brands mentioned in this post. Check the finnhits tag below if you like to know more.


For Fun. Modigliani Exhibition in Ateneum Art Museum.

Amadeo Modigliani -style Selfie

Folks it is Friday and we have weekend ahead. Many ideas rolling in the head what fun things to do. For a lazy Sunday a visit to a tranquil museum is a good alternative.

We just had a marvelous Amadeo Modigliani exhibition in Helsinki Ateneum Art Museum. Wow I was amazed to realize Modigliani had painted my portrait some ninety years ago. Look at above… I am just kidding. Truth is I felt a need to paint a Modigliani style selfie after the visit to the exhibition.

There seemed to be a formula and style that makes Modigliani's the way they are known for. Long neck, narrow long nose, slightly tilted head, eyes without details, some African influence from sculptures and consistent color palette.

I have heard an advice given to young people that are studying illustration. “Try to find a style of your own. When you find it stick to it and never change.” In Modigliani exhibition I had the feeling he had heard the same advice. Well, success it was.

Modigliani was not strongest guy in the means of health and therefor he passed away in his thirties. His time as active artist lasted only ten years. I wonder if his painting style would have evolved in time. As sample his time buddy Picasso's art was in constant change until his death. Or would Modigliani have been the guy who exaggerates the longitude of necks and noses for the decades in the same manner.

Now we can only guess. The show is over in Ateneum but if you’d like to read the biography and other background stories about Modigliani you can visit Ateneum Amadeo Modigliani in web.